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The process of deciding on the right Barrister for a particular brief requires exacting examination and evaluation. Clerks are able to advise as to appropriate barristers to handle the case by virtue of their seniority, recent appearances, availability & cost.

Phone: 03 9225 8896 or email enquiries - dever@vicbar.com.au

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Gender Equitable Briefing Policy

Devers List is pleased to support the Gender Equitable Briefing Policy adopted by the Victorian Bar and the Law Council of Australia.

Uniform Law and Rules

The Uniform Law replaces the Legal Profession Act 2004 and the regulations and rules made under that Act.


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John Dever

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Michael Dever

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Federation Internationale de l'Automobile


Congratulations to Paul Hayes QC who been appointed to the FIA International Court of Appeal as one of its co-opted judges

National Resources Tax Conference


Andrew Broadfoot QC spoke recently at the National Resources Tax Conference in Perth, on restructuring corporate arrangements that may fall foul of new or foreshadowed legislative changes. The issue is whether restructuring to avoid new anti-avoidance provisions can result in taxpayers infringing the general anti-avoidance provisions in Part IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936. A copy of the technical paper and the slides used during the presentation can be downloaded for those who may be interested.

Note that PCG 2018/D4 which is covered in the paper has now been released as 2018/7 which is available on the ATO website.

The Honourable Judge Josh Wilson QC


Hong Kong 2018 International Commercial Law Conference

Modern case management in commercial litigation in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia

presented by the Hon. Judge Josh Wilson QC



McPhee Mediation Centre

Excellent facilities in a bright and roomy environment. The McPhee Mediation Centre has been designed to create an environment conducive to obtaining successful mediation results. Its configuration allows you to bring parties together for mediation and then separate them from private consultation as required.
Phone: 03 9670 4003 Email: McPheeMediation@gmail.com

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