A Solicitor's Defence - By Stephen Warne

DATE: 20-Sep-2016
Advocates’ immunity is at once more powerful and yet narrower than many understand. Until recently, advocates’ immunity was more powerful than many lawyers understood. However, it may also be narrower than many realise since the introduction of the Legal Profession Uniform Law on 1 July 2015 and the High Court’s decision in Attwells v Jackson Lallic Lawyers Pty Limited (Attwells)1 in May 2016.

Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria

DATE: 29-Nov-2016
"This new work is of very great importance. It will assist both the experienced practitioner and the newcomer to ... identify the appropriate appeal mechanism...locate the procedural requirements...and to prepare the necessary documentation...I congratulate the authors on their industry and learning, and on recognising the need for a work of this kind." - From the Foreword by The Honourable Chris Maxwell AC, President of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Victoria.

Interpretation and Use of Legal Sources - The Laws of Australia - By Perry Herzfeld, Thomas Prince, Stephen Tully

DATE: 27-May-2016
This work deals with the principles applying to the construction of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Constitutions; statutes; and subordinate legislation (including rules of court). It also covers the construction of international law in its application by Australian courts. It analyses the construction of private documents, with particular reference to contracts, deeds, wills and trusts. And it deals with the interpretation of judicial statements by examining the rules of precedent, the interpretation of orders and practi

New International Tax Convention Widens Reciprocal Enforcement - By Claire Nicholson

DATE: 20-Sep-2016

Statutory Interpretation Principles: The Laws of Australia 1st edition - By Perry Herzfeld, Thomas Prince

DATE: 17-Dec-2013
This text is an adaptation of Interpretation and Use of Legal Sources - The Laws of Australia, designed for student and lecturer use. Statutory Interpretation Principles – The Laws of Australia provides a comprehensive text for teaching and studying the law of statutory interpretation in Australia, as part of first year, elective and advanced undergraduate courses.


DATE: 26-Jun-2017

Total and Permanent Disablement in Superannuation and Insurance - By John Riordan

"Upsetting Wills" - By Richard Cook

DATE: 20-Sep-2016
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“When Ambush Marketers smile at me, I go to Rio”: Protected uses of Olympic Insignia - By Elle Nikou and Paul Czarnota

DATE: 24-Aug-2016
Association with the Olympic brand is a marketer’s dream. Through national and international law, the Olympic Movement is afforded considerable protection against the practice of “ambush marketing” and unauthorised uses of Olympic Insignia. Recently, the Federal Court had opportunity to consider the scope of protection afforded in AOC v Telstra.

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