Join Dever's List

Applications to join the List should be emailed to the following:

List Secretary: Ben Jellis PA:

Barristers' Clerks: John Dever (, Phillip Dever ( and Michael Dever (

Please include a resume and covering letter together with any referrals that have been provided to you (this can be limited to listing said referees; letters of referral are not mandatory)

Guidelines for applications to places on Lists can be found here.

Further Information:

As the Barristers Clerk for the List, via Devers List Pty Ltd, the barristers are charged 4% of gross fees received, up to a ceiling of $1.1m.

Devers List Pty Ltd employs 20 staff to assist you;

  • Provision of fee entry, also online entry you can use, checking by staff and emailing/post etc of invoices, also receiving of all counsels fee, reporting in a variety of ways to you and your accountant if required.
  • A dedicated staff member whose job it is to make polite enquiries to solicitors regarding unpaid fees, and a solicitor we use will send letters of demand if needed, for no fee.
  • 4 dedicated mail staff members who deliver/collect mail from/for you, and processing outgoing mail either through DX [DX membership is our cost] or Aust Post/Couriers [your cost]
  • 3 full time reception staff to take messages and email these onto you as needed, or if urgent, track you down.
  • 4 dedicated Clerks advising solicitors as to your availability and marketing you to all who ask for recommendations in the Areas of Expertise you advise are of particular interest/ability.
  • Advertising in a variety of places, i.e. the AFR and the LIJ. Also we financially support literally dozens of legal groups, i.e. AILA, Melb Law School, Monash Law, Castan Centre and many others.
  • A variety of contracts with IT providers, Telstra mobile plans, and a number of Legal Research tools. These are payable by counsel however we have negotiated contracts at a cost that is less than you might pay if you contracted directly with them. With Lexis Nexis particularly we provide a discounted rate.
  • Assistance with minor computer issues and questions.
  • Many other misc services, we occasionally babysit counsels children if needed!

Finally we are, quite literally, available 24/7 for you.

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