Justin Hooper

ADMITTED  2004    BAR  2014

PHONE  9225 7188
MOBILE  0410 308 937

Justin Hooper, BA, LLB (Monash), LLM (Melb)


  • Administrative Law
  • Class Actions
  • Commercial Law
  • Common Law
  • Contract
  • Copyright
  • Corporations
  • Defamation
  • Disciplinary Tribunals
  • Equity / Equitable Relief / Trusts
  • Insurance
  • Personal Injuries
  • Professional Negligence
  • Torts (Other Than PI)
  • Trade Practices

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Justin has a broad civil and commercial practice.

His areas of practice include contract claims, insurance disputes, class actions, personal injury, professional negligence, intentional torts and disciplinary matters.

Justin has particular expertise in defamation.

Recent matters include:

Anne Webster& Ors v Karen Brewer (FCA, 2020, defamation, unled)

Tobias Tucker v State of Victoria (FCA, 2020, defamation, unled)

Overseas Education and Career Consultants Pty Ltd v Australian Broadcasting Corporation (FCA, 2020, defamation, with Renee Enbom SC)

Anna Li v AuWe Group Pty Ltd (FCA, 2020, defamation, unled)

Sene-Li Wong v National Australia Bank (FCA, 2020, adverse action and defamation, with Jonathan Forbes)

John Woodman v City of Casey & Ors (VSC, 2020, defamation, unled)

Walsh & Manderson v Victorian Aboriginal Health Service & Anor (VSC, 2020, defamation, unled)

Yatish Prasad & Ors v Google Australia Pty Ltd (FCA, 2020, challenging jurisdiction of FCA for applicant's defamation claim, unled)

Axcel Atamian v eBay Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd and eBay Marketplaces GmbH(VCAT, 2020, trade practices, unled)

CPB Contractors Pty Ltd in matter of Mackenzie & Ors v Roads Corporation & Ors (VSC, 2020, application for confidentiality and non-publication orders, unled)

Roo-Roofing Pty Ltd v Commonwealth of Australia (VSC, 2019, class action, including in negligence and misleading or deceptive conduct, with Rachel Doyle SC, Renee Enbom and Liam Brown)

Mainstream Aquaculture Group Pty Ltd v Victorian WorkCover Authority (VCAT, 2019, insurance premium dispute, unled)

Martha Tsamis v State of Victoria (VSC, 2019, defamation, with Paul Hayes QC)

McDonald's Australia Limited and North West Investments Pty Ltd re 9 - 11 Swanston Street, Melbourne v State of Victoria

Communicado Marketing Communications Pty Ltd v Glenn Hall (CC, 2019, breach of contract and defamation, unled)

Proride Services Pty Ltd v Pro-Ride Racing Australia Pty Ltd (CC, 2018, breach of contract, misleading or deceptive conduct, breach of directors/fiduciary duties)

PCCEF Pty Ltd v Geelong Football Club (VSCA, 2019, lease construction appeal, with Neil Young QC)

Owners Corporation No 1 No1 PS602283E & Ors v Network Pacific Strata Management Pty Ltd & Ors (SC, 2018, breach of fiduciary duties, with David Collins QC)

Urban Choices Property Limited v Moran (FCA, 2018, misleading or deceptive conduct)

Rebel Wilson v Bauer Media (VSC, 2017, defamation, with Matt Collins QC and Renee Enbom)

Elizabeth Wilson v Rebel Wilson (NSWSC, 2017, defamation, with Matt Collins QC and Renee Enbom)

Sheales v The Age & Ors [2017] VSC 380 (defamation, with Matt Collins QC)

Sondoananh Trading Company Pty Ltd v Couriers Please Pty Ltd (CC, 2017, franchisee claim against franchisor for unlawful termination of franchise agreement, unled)

Riverman Orchards Pty Ltd v Hayden [2017] VSC 379 (spray-drift from farm to vineyard involving negligence and nuisance, with Charles Shaw)

Tatura Milk Industries Ltd v Victorian WorkCover Authority (VCAT, 2017, insurance premium dispute, unled)

Australia Pressure Head Vessel Pty Ltd (subject to DOCA) v La Rosa (CC, 2017, money had and received and conversion claim, unled)

Funtastic Limited v Madman Film and Media Pty Ltd (VSC, 2016, contractual dispute concerning expert accountant's determination, with Matt Collins QC)

MRI (Aust) Pty Ltd v Victorian WorkCover Authority (VCAT, 2016, insurance premium dispute, unled)

Justin is regularly briefed to appear on behalf of Racing Victoria Limited in disciplinary and licensing matters.

From 23 Oct 2014, liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation