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Applications to join the List should be emailed to the following: 

List Secretary: David Martin (

Barristers' Clerk: John Dever (

Please include a resume and covering letter together with any referrals that have been provided to you. 

The secretary of the List Committee will then meet with you and discuss your application. 

The committee will sit shortly after all results are known, and decide which applicants will be offered a position on the list. You will be advised the morning after this meeting of that decision which will then enable you to confirm or reject the invitation to join the list.

Note: I can also provide assistance in regards to potential mentors.

Guidelines for applications to places on Lists can be found here.


John Dever


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Join Dever's List

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McPhee Mediation Centre

Excellent facilities in a bright and roomy environment. The McPhee Mediation Centre has been designed to create an environment conducive to obtaining successful mediation results. Its configuration allows you to bring parties together for mediation and then separate them from private consultation as required.

Phone: 9670 4003



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