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Patrick predominantly appears and provides advice in employment and industrial law related matters in the Supreme Court of Victoria, the Federal Court of Australia, the Fair Work Commission and other juriusdictions.

Professional Legal Experience

  • Associate to Justice Ryan, Federal Court of Australia 1996.
  • Solicitor (and Snr Associate) for four and half years specialising in industrial and employment law litigation.
  • Read with Michael McDonald SC.
  • Appeared in numerous industrial and employment law matters including:

    • employee fraud (Clive Peeters; other)

    • interlocutory relief to enforce or defend restraint of trade contracts (e.g on behalf of Orica Australia, Recruitment firms etc and advice work) - Supreme Court of Victoria and Federal Court of Australia

    • interlocutory relief to restrain unlawful industrial action (e.g on behalf of Toyota Motor Corporation; Bovis Lend Lease, Metropolitain Fire Brigade; Sugar Australia, SPC Ardmona etc) - Supreme Court of Victoria and Federal Court of Australia

    • various employment litigation (termination; contractual)

    • unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment cases

    • extensive work for Victorian Government departments and statutory authorities

    • proceedings generally under the Fair Work Act 

    • general civil work – contractual disputes - Supreme Court of Victoria and Federal Court of Australia, County Court

    • Licensing and Disciplinary Tribunals - Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board


  • A snapshot of some of the previous cases in which I have appeared (party represented is underlined):

    • Grocon & Ors v Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union & Ors[2013] VSC 275
      Contempt of Court - breach of restraining orders made by the Court
    • AMWU v. Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd [2012] VID323 of 2012
      Injunction application by AMWU for reinstatement of 12 Union delegates and Health & Safety Representatives made redundant by Toyota April 2012 - successfully defended with Michael McDonald SC; Proceedings in total discontinued by all individual applicants and the AMWU.  Ancillary proceedings re 350 redundancies in FWA.
    • Cicciarelli v Qantas Airways Ltd [2012] FCA 56
      Dismissal of employees after strike action at Melbourne Airport.  Employees claimed part of the reason for dismissal was because they were union delegates.  Qantas successful.
    • Cameron v Asciano Services Pty Ltd [2011] VSC 36 
      Employment contractual dispute - repudiation

    • Acted for Racing Victoria Limited Stewards and also for various trainers, bookmaker and jockeys including Tony Vasil, Mark Riley, Darren Weir, Robert Smerdon, Jarrod McLean, Nikita Beriman, Philp Cakebread, Leon Corstens etc 

    • Telstra Corporation Ltd - application to FWA to terminate Telstra's enterprise awards [2011]
      Union parties made concurrent application for a modern award.

    • Jetstar Group Ltd ats Australian Federation of Air Pilots - claims that Jetstar was in breach of its industrial insruments - Federal Court - [2011]

    • Target Australia Pty Ltd - employee claims - dismissal [2011]

    • Southern Health ats Australian Nursing Federation - appeal FWA against decision in private arbitration - jursidiction - application of a certified agreement - alleged breach of certified agreement [2011]

    • Qantas Airways Ltd - employee claims - dismissals - [2011]

    • Skilled Group - employee commission claims; contractual claims  [2011]

    • Clive Peeters v. Causer & Ors - employee fraud in excess of $20Million; search orders and freezing orders Supreme Court of Victoria.

    • ANZ Banking Group / ING Administration Pty Ltd - [2010]
      Application to transition employees from INGA to ANZ Banking Group industrial imstruments.

    • BAE Systems - [2010] - employee claims - defence contracts - proceedings subject to confidentiality orders.

    • J Boag & Son Brewing Pty Ltd (Boags) ats Button - dismissal and appeal of decision at first instance - FWA - [2010]
    • Bovis Lend Lease Pty Ltd v. CFMEU (No2) [2009] FCA 650 
      Contempt - contempt of court - penalties

    • CFMEU v. Bovis Lend Lease Pty Ltd [2008] FCA 1669
      Contracts - settlement agreement about industrial dispute - Blue Glue dispute - construction of agreement
      Junior counsel to Michael McDonald SC

    • Sinapi v. Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd  [2008] AIRC 405
      Termination of employment

    • Refined Sugar Services Pty Ltd v. Australian Workers’ Union [2008] AIRCFB 1069
      Appeals – amendment of orders and documents – powers of Commission – whether correction of errors permissible in the circumstances – Workplace Relations Act 1996 ss.91, 111(1)(d), (l) and (m), 120, 423, 469 and 496
      Junior counsel to Frank Parry SC 

    • (Sugar Austrlia) Refined Sugar Services Pty Ltd v. Australian Workers’ Union[2008] AIRC 1065
      s.496 - Application for order against industrial action

    • Automotive, Food, Metals, Engineering, Printing and Kindred Industries Union v Ardmona Foods Ltd (2006) 155 IR 211
      Industrial law — Industrial relations — Certified agreement — Breach
      Junior counsel to Dr C. N. Jessup QC

    • United Firefighters' Union of Australia v Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board [2006] FCAFC 84; (2006) 152 FCR 18
      Industrial law — Trade unions — Penalties — Orders
      Junior counsel to Frank Parry SC

    • Sperandio v Lynch t/as Doctors of Northcote (2006) 160 IR 360
      Employment — Termination of employment — Unlawful termination — Temporary absence from work

    • Country Fire Authority v United Firefighters' Union of Australia - PR970045 [2006] AIRC 181 (20 March 2006)
      Dispute - Modifications to Fire Stations and whether design determined by enterprise agreement

    • Arie Benezra v. Volante Systems Pty Ltd [2006] AIRC
      Termination of employment; jurisdiction; employed under award-derived conditions

    • Automotive, Food, Metals, Engineering, Printing and Kindred Industries Union v SPC Ardmona - PR954942 [2005] AIRC 42 (18 January 2005)
      s.170LW dispute over the application of a certified agreement

    • John Mangiafico v Department of Human Services - PR963416 [2005] AIRC 854 (4 October 2005)
      Termination of employment; sexual harassment

    • Christopher Esam and Geoff Organ v SPC Ardmona Operations Ltd - PR957497 [2005] AIRC 338 (20 April 2005)
      Appeal - termination of employment - engagement for a specified period of time and/or for a specified task - jurisdiction - appeal filed out of time - intervention - extension of time granted

    • United Firefighters' Union of Australia v Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (2004) 136 IR 71
      Industrial law — Enterprise agreements — Construction — Breach of agreement
      Junior counsel to Dr C. N. Jessup QC

    • P I'Anson and Department of Human Services PR949516 [2004] AIRC 694
      Appeal – termination of employment

    • J Savage v Department of Education  PR947727 [2004] AIRC 552 Termination of employment

    • Margaret Holmes & Ors v. Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs – PR949225 [2004] AIRC
      Alleged termination of various employees of the Refugee Review Tribunal
      Junior counsel to Dr C. N. Jessup QC

    • Romeo Spataro v PFD Food Services Pty Ltd - PR953928 [2004] AIRC 1224 (3 December 2004)
      Termination of employment

    • United Firefighters' Union of Australia v Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (2003) 123 IR 86
      Industrial law — Industrial relations — Disciplinary charges — Interlocutory relief
      Junior counsel to J E Middleton QC

    • Batzialas v Tony Davies Motors [2002] FMCA 243 (16 October 2002)
      Human Rights - Claim for discrimination under Racial Discrimination Act 1975 - whether termination of employment due to or caused by discrimination - application dismissed - costs.

    • Australian Education Union and others v. Department of Education, Employment and Training PR911197 [2001] AIRC (13 December 2001)
      Application for variation of a certified agreement

    • Jasen v Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE & Ors [2000] VCAT 659 (31 March 2000)
      Anti-Discrimination List - Application for order to restrain firm of Solicitors from continuing to act for
      the 1st and 2nd Respondents- Tribunal's power to make order- principles to be applied; VCAT Act 1998 Ss 40-44, 80, 97, 98 and 123


Industrial Bar Association

From 24 Jul 2008, liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation.


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