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Areas of Practice

  • Administrative Law
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Commercial
  • Coronial Inquests
  • Corporations
  • Crime
  • Disciplinary Tribunals
  • Employment/Industrial
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Trade Practices


Rob practises in employment and industrial law, criminal law, professional disciplinary proceedings and coronial inquests in all courts and tribunals.

He specialises in areas involving the intersection of the criminal law with business: occupational health and safety, competition law, corporations law and environmental regulation offences.  He appears in both prosecutions and civil penalty proceedings at trial and appellate level, at inquests and disciplinary proceedings, and at Fair Work Australia and other employment law tribunals.

He also appears in state and federal courts in industrial cases, employment contract hearings, general protections disputes, sexual harassment and discrimination cases.

He is co-author of the online edition of Ross on Crime.


Occupational Health and Safety/Regulatory Offences

Rob regularly acts for companies charged with offences under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and similar legislation, in contested cases and pleas. He is available to advise on incident management, analysing briefs of evidence, and whether a case should be contested or pleas of guilty entered. He is also briefed by Worksafe.

He has also acted in matters under the Environmental Protection Act, the Building Act, the Planning Act, and the Food Act, and is briefed by the Victorian Commissioner for Gambling and Liquor Regulation as well as several local councils to prosecute offences.

He is experienced in Road Safety prosecutions and is regularly briefed by the Department of Justice in relation to speed camera prosecutions.

Industrial and Employment

Rob has acted  for companies such as John Holland, Schweppes, Nissan Australia, McDermott and Baiada Poultry in major industrial cases in the Supreme Court, the federal courts and the Fair Work Commission.. He has also appeared for both employers and employees in employment contract disputes in State courts, unfair dismissal cases in the Fair Work Commision and general protections claims in the Federal Magistrates Court. 


Rob regularly appears and advises in discrimination and sexual harassment cases under State and Federal law. Most recently he acted for a successful plaintiff in a sexual harassment claim who recovered $100,000 in VCAT.


Rob regularly appears in the Coroners Court and has represented the Chief Commissioner of Police, employers, and families of deceased persons in that jurisdiction.

Criminal Law

Rob is an experienced jury trial advocate with particular experience in Corporations Act prosecutions, fraud, and major drug prosecutions. In only his third year at the bar he appeared as lead counsel for an accused charged with multiple offences under the Corporations Act. He is also experienced in conducting general criminal law case.

He has also appeared in the Court of Appeal in serious criminal matters on conviction and sentence appeals.

Recently he was briefed in the Court of Appeal on behalf of the Age to act for journalists seeking to protect confidential sources from being revealed in criminal proceedings.

Administrative Law

Rob is experienced in both merits and judical review proceedings, and has appeared before tribunals including the Medical Board, VCAT and employment tribunals.

From 12 Feb 2009, liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation.


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