O'MEARA, Stephen QC

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O'MEARA, Stephen QC

Areas of Practice

  • Defamation
  • Personal Injuries
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Negligence
  • Trade Practices


Stephen came to the Bar in 1998 from Arthur Robinson & Hedderwicks where he had been a Senior Associate in commercial litigation. He took silk in 2011.

Stephen has experience in many kinds of complex litigation and regularly appears in the Court of Appeal and at trial in the Supreme and County Courts.

In recent years Stephen has acted for and advised clients in class actions, transport accident and workplace injury litigation of all types, product liability, medical negligence, medical panel disputes, statutory compensation, insurance, coronial inquests and media/defamation cases.

Some cases in which Stephen has appeared are –


High Court appeals

Transport Accident Commission v Katanas (2017) 346 ALR 191

Povey v Civil Aviation Safety Authority (2005) 223 CLR 189

Coote v Forestry Tasmania (2006) 80 ALJR 1089

CAL No.14 Pty Ltd v Motor Accidents Insurance Board (2009) 239 CLR 390

Maurice Blackburn Cashman v Brown (2011) 242 CLR 647


Class actions

Detainees’ false imprisonment claims (2017)

Kilmore East bushfire class action (2013-2014)

Hepatitis C class action (2014)


Supreme Court / Court of Appeal

Borazio v State of Victoria [2015] VSCA 131

Srbinovski v Americold Logistics [2015] VSCA 139

Angeleska v State of Victoria [2015] VSCA 140

Abbas v Transport Accident Commission [2015] VSCA 217

Vella v Cardona [2015] VSCA 306

Bonavia v Transport Accident Commission [2015] VSCA 324

Ryan v State of Victoria [2015] VSCA 353

Philippiadis v Transport Accident Commission [2016] VSCA 1

Bedeux v Transport Accident Commission [2016] VSCA 127

Nicholson v Victorian Workcover Authority [2016] VSCA 146

Haidar v Transport Accident Commission [2016] VSCA 182

Victorian YMCA v Nillumbik Shire Council [2016] VSCA 192

Victorian Workcover Authority v Nguyen [2016] VSCA 284

Mitchell v LaTrobe Hospital [2016] VSCA 342

Pateras v State of Victoria [2017] VSCA 31

Greater Shepparton City Council v Clarke [2017] VSCA 107

Connellan v Murphy [2017] VSCA 116

Karam v Palmone Shoes [2017] VSCA 145

Beaumaris Football Club v Hart [2017] VSCA 226

Carbone v Toyota Australia [2017] VSCA 249

Perakis v Secretary to Department of Transport [2017] VSCA 265

Victorian Workcover Authority v BSA [2017] VSCA 276

Georgopoulos v Silaforts Painting (2012) 37 VR 232

Wodonga City Council v Braunack [2012] VSCA 320

Hawkins v DHL Express [2013] VSCA 26

Aburrow v Network Personnel [2013] VSCA 46

Brown v Maurice Blackburn Cashman [2013] VSCA 122

Heard v Bronzewing [2013] VSCA 200

Meadows v Lichmore [2013] VSCA 201

Eaton v ISS Catering Services [2013] VSCA 361

Phelan v Transport Accident Commission (2013) 65 MVR 427

Kalinic v Acron Engineering [2013] VSCA 341

Mitchell v Malios & Ors [2013] VSC 480

Ifka v Shahin Enterprises [2014] VSCA 8

Karam v Palmone Shoes [2014] VSCA 148

Mazevska v Transport Accident Commission [2014] VSCA 178

Ahmet v Chief Commissioner of Police [2014] VSCA 265

Setka v Abbott [2014] VSCA 287

Steen v WorkSafe [2014] VSCA 299

Kaur v VWA [2014] VSCA 300

Merhi v Ford Motor Company [2014] VSCA 328

Transport Accident Commission v Campbell [2015] VSCA 7

'Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.'


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