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  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Competition Law
  • Defamation
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Media Law
Will Houghton QC practises predominantly in commercial, media and administrative law with particular expertise in competition and regulatory law, defamation, suppression orders and contempt law.

He has appeared for clients at both trial level (including numerous jury trials) and appellate level around Australia.

He is ranked in the World Trademark Review 1000 (2015) as having “plentiful experience in IP litigation and an expert knowledge of trademark issues”.



Reported cases at appellate level include:

Sauber Motorsport AG v van der Garde (2015) 317 ALR 786 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, International Commercial Arbitration)

News Digital Media vMokbel(2010) 30 VR 248 (Victorian Court of Appeal, suppression orders). 

Herald and Weekly Timesv.Buckley(2009) 21 VR 661 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

Clearyv.Hore – Lacy(No. 2) (2009) 21 VR 692 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

Buckleyv.Herald and Weekly Times(2009) 24 VR 129 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

Rv.Nationwide News(2009) 22 VR 116 (contempt proceedings).

West Australian Newspapersv.Elliott(2008) 37 WAR 387 (WA Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

Howev.Harvey(2008) 20 VR 638 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, breach of non-publication provisions).

TS Production LLCv.Drew Pictures(2008) 172 FCR 433 (Full Fed. Ct., copyright and anti-suit injunction). 

General Motors Acceptance Corporationv.Southbank Traders(2007) 227 CLR 305 (H. Ct., securities).

Hore – Lacyv.Cleary(2007) 18 VR 562 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

The Age Company Limitedv.Elliott(2006) 14 VR 375 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

Herald&Weekly Timesv.State of Victoria(2006) 25 VAR 124 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, admin law).

Herald and Weekly Timesv.Popovic(2003) 9 VR 1 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

Herald and Weekly Timesv.Williams(2003) 130 FCR 435 (Full Fed. Ct., suppression order)

O’Haganv.Nationwide News(2001) 53 NSWLR 89 (NSW Ct. of Appeal, defamation).

RSLv.Liquor Licensing Commission[1999] 2 VR 203 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, admin law).

General Motors – Holdenv.Commissioner of State Revenue[1998] 4 VR 197 (Vic. Ct. of Appeal, revenue).

Reported cases at trial level include:

REA Group v Real Estate 1 (2013) 217 FCR 327 (trademark infringement, misleading and deceptive conduct)

Hodgson v Amcor Ltd (2012) 264 FLR 1

Frenchv.Herald & Weekly Times(2010) 27 VR 140 (defamation)

Frenchv.Herald & Weekly Times (No.2)(2010) 27 VR 171 (defamation)

Guthriev.News Ltd.(2010) 27 VR 196 (contract)

Sandsv.Channel Seven Adelaide(2009) 104 SASR 452 (defamation).

Application by United Energy Distribution[2009] A Comp T 10 (Aust. Comp. Tribunal, review of price determination).

Cadbury Schweppes v Darrel Lea (2007) 240 ALR 780 (Apprehended bias application);

ACCC v Telstra Corporation (2007) 244 ALR 470 (Trade practices).

AFLv.The Age Company Limited(2007) 15 VR 407 (breach of confidence).

Rv.Herald and Weekly Times(2007) 19 VR 248 (contempt proceedings). 

Herald and Weekly Timesv.Medical Practitioners Board[1999] 1 VR 267 (suppression orders). 

Darwin Fibreglassv. Kruhse Enterprises (1998) 124 NTR1; 41 IPR 649 (intellectual property)


From 1st July 2008, liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation.


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