HANCOCK, Timothy

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HANCOCK, Timothy

Areas of practice

  • Banking & finance
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Commercial
  • Computers/IT
  • Contract
  • Copyright
  • Corporations
  • Customs, shipping, maritime.
  • Equity, equitable relief, trusts
  • Guarantees
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Partnerships
  • Probate, wills, Part IV
  • Securities
  • Trade practices

Tim Hancock has a general commercial practice, and specializes in trial and appellate advocacy.  He has particular expertise and experience in commercial information technology disputes and in maritime law.

He has been a member of Tenth Floor St James Hall Chambers, Sydney, since 2005, and has chambers in Melbourne.  He was a member of Blackstone Chambers in Sydney for 20 years. 

Tim Hancock practised as a solicitor in South Australia and New South Wales before being admitted to the New South Wales Bar in 1984.  He signed the Victorian Bar Roll in 1986, and is also a member of the Queensland Bar.  He was admitted in New Zealand in 1990.

He has appeared alone and as leading counsel, in the Supreme Courts of most States and the Federal Court, in cases involving information technology, trade marks and copyright, marine & general insurance, admiralty and maritime law, corporations and insolvency, trusts and general equity matters, and probate and succession law.  He has acted as an arbitrator and referee in maritime arbitrations, and has substantial mediation experience.

Tim Hancock graduated BA; LLB; Dip. Ed. from Melbourne University in 1973.  He has conducted seminars and written on computer law and information technology.  In the 1990s, he was involved in developing practice management software for barristers.  For many years, he gave annual seminars on contract law. 

He is a member of Maritime Law Association of Australia & New Zealand, the Intellectual Property Society of Australia & New Zealand and the Commercial Law Association of Australia.

Some more recent cases in which he has appeared include:

NM Rural Enterprises v Rimanui Farms [2013] NSWSC 309 [Negligence and nuisance – aerial spraying of herbicide – damage to large cotton crop – non-delegable duty of care].

Parker v Higgins [2012] NSWSC 1516 [Powers of attorney – accounts – agency and trusts].

Hilditch v Dorval Kaiun KK (No 2) [2007] FCA 2014 [Shipping & navigation – carriage of goods by sea – bills of lading - contamination of cargo].


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