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Tim appears regularly in a variety of commercial cases.

He holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Melbourne, in which he focused on studies in insolvency, taxation, copyright and unjust enrichment.  

Before coming to the Bar, Tim worked as a solicitor in general commercial litigation and insolvency.  His areas of practice included commercial law, taxation, building and construction and intellectual property.  

Tim is a former Associate to Justice Jessup at the Federal Court of Australia. 

Some recent cases in which Tim appeared inlcude:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia v Doggett [2014] VSC 423 (as amicus curiae counsel with D J Crennan and A J Bailey)
  • Carnevale v Designer Tile Company Pty Ltd (Civil Claims) [2014] VCAT 556
  • NF & FF Investments Pty Ltd v Redglenn Pty Ltd & Ors S CI 2012 2844 (settled after trial) Supreme Court of Victoria (led by T J North SC)
  • Capital One Securities Pty Ltd v AEM Investments Pty Ltd S CI 2012 06141 (summary judgment application) Supreme Court of Victoria
  • Ubertini & Anor v Saeco International Group SPA Societa a Socio Unico & Anor [2014] VSC 47 (led by E N Magee QC with T P Mitchell)
  • Black T Pty Ltd & Ors v Telstra Corporation Limited [2013] VCAT C2689(a)/2012
  • Veall & Anor v Veall [2014] VSC 38 (led by S M Anderson SC)

From 16 May 2013, liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation.


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